Chris Abbey

Chris has spent more than a decade working with people who struggle with anxiety and depression and their families. He also has extensive experience helping people with Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and those who love them along with a growing population of adults on the autism spectrum. Chris is skilled in assisting couples and individuals regain their equilibrium after emotional and/ or physical affairs. He does well with couples and families who want to increase communication, understanding and commitment. Chris holds Master degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy (MsMFT) and in Counseling (MsC)(2004) and a BS degree in Psychology (1987) from John Brown University.

Prior to attending grad school Chris was a small business owner and entrepreneur in Southern California and Hawaii for more than 25 years. He has five grown children, and he continues to retain close ties with each of the young adults he parented.

My Therapy Style

I believe that all behavior makes sense in its context; however, sometimes that very behavior causes problems for individuals and their relationships in family, social, or employment settings. I know that when a person seeks counseling it is an act of courage and I respect that it is often vulnerability and pain that prompts a call to my office. You will find me open and honest with a good sense of humor, and a nonjudgmental stance. I use a relational style to communicate cognitive behavioral and other strategies that can help decrease the frequency and intensity of anxiety and depression in individuals. I also work with couples and families who find themselves in distress.  Because I am the father of five young adults, I have empathy for the struggles that can sometimes happen in families. I've heard many say they just can't go on the way things are. I say: Great -Let's work together, not to go back to the way things used to be but to build something new and better than before!