Fred Garcia

Fred Garcia has had extensive experience as a mental health professional for over a decade in Northwest Arkansas. He has worked with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, anger management problems, disruptive behavior, addiction problems of various types, and relational problems people face in their everyday life. He has served on the State Board of Examiners of Arkansas for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, and also as Clinical Director for a substance abuse rehab center. He works with children, adolescents and adults. Fred is also bilingual speaking both English and Spanish fluently. Fred is skilled in helping families struggling with love ones who struggle with mental health issues and addiction problems on how to cope with the problems to result from these conditions.

 My Therapy Style

My therapeutic style involves helping people process their feelings and experiences that are causing them problems so that they can be heard and understood prior to engaging in developing solutions. My approach uses CBT, REBT, Behavior Therapy, Play therapy, TFCBT, EMDR, and SFBTI. I will utilize a variety of techniques that are age appropriate to help you or your loved ones achieve their therapeutic goals and get your lives back on track. I look forward to working with people that are interested in addressing and overcoming the issues that are affecting their lives by working with them to achieve resolution.