Our Journey Through Life

Every person, as well as creatures on the earth, have a cycle of life. Every stage in our life is noticed by small adjustments at which time we must cope with cultural, economic, social, and in many cases long-lasting stressors. This article will introduce you to the different stages that you will experience in life along with the adjustments that you can expect. When one reaches the various stages of life, adjustments are mandatory. However, some of the stages can be quite difficult and overwhelming. Seeking the professional help of a Rogers, AR therapist can provide you with the skills to enjoy life and journey through life.

Infants – It may be difficult to believe that during this stage in life from your birth to age two can cause anxiety, but there are adjustments even for children at this age that can them to be nervous and anxious. The adjustment includes routines, bedtime, and strangers. In some cases, other factors children might see at this age can also bring on issues such as parent’s fighting or a parent being ill.

Children – This stage of life includes children from the age of three to nine years of age. This is often when children start school which can bring on other issues that can be difficult for children when it comes to adjusting. Separation anxiety, learning social skills, and even relationships with other children are all a huge part of this stage of life.

Teenagers – During puberty the adjustments that are seen include becoming independent, dating, and peer pressure. Too many times, teens often have very strong emotional reactions such as not wanting to listen to parents due to wanting to be “all grown up”. These emotions can often lead to risky behavior.

Young Adults – At this time in life from age twenty to twenty-nine, children are now adults and are beginning to start out on their own or heading off to college. Many are starting families, going into the workplace and often have more responsibility than ever before. Moving out on your own and starting your own life is leaving behind what you have known as your “comfort zone”. This can be very stressful and bring on many different issues as you are learning how to survive in society on your own.

Adults – This stage in life is for adults between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine. Responsibilities are often greater as many are now buying a home, have children in school, and of course work and have all the stress of paying bills.

Middle Age Adults – Between the age of forty and sixty, we begin to notice we are getting older. Kids are leaving home, women experience menopause, our children are having children, and we realize we are at the peak of our careers. Not only do we notice changes in our bodies and our health, but all of these changes can also bring about mental health issues such as depression.

Old Age Adults – After we turn sixty, health problems, retirement, and even the visits to the physician can be very stressful and cause many different issues not only physically related but also mentally.

The last two stages in life are not necessarily governed by a person’s age.

Old Age – Even though we may need help due to illness or other issues, it can be very difficult as we still feel independent and want to do things on our own. Too many times, it is very difficult to accept that we need assistance which can often lower our enjoyment in life.

End of Life – This can occur at any age according to the medical issues that arise. However, it is not easy at any age to accept that you are coming to the end of your life. This is when you need more encouragement, care, and love from those in your life.

How to Cope with Life Adjustments

A therapist can provide you with guidance to cope with all the adjustments that occur in our lives. You may believe you are doing just great and accepting all that the world throws at you. However, have you noticed that you are having issues sleeping, arguing with your partner, not performing well at work, or other issues? This can be signs that you could use the help of a counselor. Just receiving the guidance of a therapist and recognizing what is happening in your life is the best way to learn how to cope with all the challenges in life including normal life adjustments.

Change is a normal part of life, however, many of us, is not quite ready for the changes when they occur. Even children may not understand what is going on in their lives which can result in temper tantrums, disobedience, or even running away from home. Children, as well as adults, can use someone outside of the home to talk with to help them cope with the ever-changing world as well as their own changes. Talking with an experienced therapist can provide the guidance needed at every stage in life to enjoy life to the fullest.