8 Myths Uncovered about Marriage Counseling

The main reason couples do not seek out marriage counseling in Northwest Arkansas and all across America is that they are concerned about what therapy may reveal or they may be worried that a therapist cannot help their marriage. Too many people often believe myths that have no warrant in the true meaning of counseling. Eight of the most common myths are below.

  • Therapy is only for couples that have mental problems. This is very far from the truth. People from all walks of life seek help with their marriage so they can communicate better or help them with adjustments in new situations.

  • Only someone that knows us can help our marriage. The best person to help couples is a stranger as they will not side with one person or the other but will be adjective and help you find common ground.

  • Counselors can read our minds. No one can read your mind. Therapists have been trained to listen and to watch the reaction of couples to help guide them into a better relationship.

  • Marriage counseling is only for couples that are ready for divorce. Once again, this is not true. Many couples seek counseling when they have a death in the family, view child discipline differently, have grown apart, or even when other family members are causing the couple to have marital problems.

  • A marriage counselor will side with my spouse. No, a therapist does not take sides but listens and helps guide couples to find a resolution for their problems.

  • Counselors never give advice only sit there. A professional marriage therapist will guide the conversation, ask questions, and even talk to you about your problems to help find a solution.

  • Counseling last for years. Counseling does not have to take years. Every couple is unique, just as every person is unique. In general, couples counseling is once per week and is usually no longer than five months. However, according to the issues at hand, it can be shorter or longer.

  • Everyone will know we are having problems in our marriage. Marriage counselors hold your information and your identity in the strictest confidence. The only ones that know you are visiting with a counselor will be the ones you confide with this information.

No matter your situation, marriage counseling can actually help you feel that spark you had when you first met or help you cope with a difficult situation such as taking care of your elderly parents. Do not let your marriage go down the path to divorce when there is help available.